“AMAZON Duplex” Concept



If you're in logistics, your worst nightmare is an empty truck of yours on the road.

Every outbound trip should be arranged with a paid-for return trip.


Fifty cents a return, it's always better than the pure loss of driving back empty.


Now, imagine you're a delivery giant, with a jaw-dropping 3bn deliveries a year.

Fifty cents means 1.5bn US$ profit at the end of the fiscal year.




Introducing Amazon Duplex, the "internal mail" of Amazon Prime customers.


When an Amazon shipment comes, you can give back few envelopes to the driver.

Amazon will deliver it along with the recipient’s next purchase. Number of envelopes, weight and size limits applies.





Duplex is a slow paced, lightweight envelopes-only service.

Go back to the pleasure of reading from your friends and beloved ones on paper, not just on social media.

Go back to the thrill of awaiting solid mail from all over the world, regardless of the expected arrival date.


Duplex is a physical pipe between you and any other Amazon Prime user


Duplex optimizes the delivery business, saving millions of tons of CO2 and cutting significantly on stress, road traffic and accidents.


Amazon Duplex.

Because theres' no sense in a delivery man walking away with empty hands.



                               For more info, email to info <at> amazonduplex.com



        “AMAZON Drive” Concept



I am living in a place which is not served by Amazon Now service.

But I’m at a reasonable distance from a major Amazon logistic facility.

And I want a product right now.




Introducing Amazon Drive: the same as McDrive, but you can’t eat it.



WHAT IS Amazon Drive ?


Two reserved delivery lanes inside an Amazon logistic center, where customers may pick up their

purchase without getting outside of their car. A minimum product value limit applies.


“Drive” is your way to sneak inside Amazon’s distribution center and escape just-in-time

with the right gift for the wedding party you forgot about.


Amazon Duplex.

Because we’re forgetting things.

Or when we buy one, we can’t wait to get it.



For more info, email again to:

info <at> amazonduplex.com